Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7th Days

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 Sometimes, okay a lot of times, being a reluctant single person is hard. 

 Like, today. It's hard being single today simply because it is June 7th, the day I chose a long time ago as the perfect day to get married.

 My favorite number is seven. Not only is it the biblical number for perfection, but it has special meaning for me. I was born on February 7th, the same day as famous authors Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens, I accepted Jesus as my Savior April 7, 1998, and I graduated this year on May 7th. I have always considered June the best month to get married, so what better day could I pick than June 7th?

 Except another June 7th is going by that I'm not married, and that is hard.

 You might be thinking I'm being overly dramatic. (Maybe). You may be thinking that I am only twenty-two and am still very young and have a whole life ahead of me to meet, fall in love with, and marry a wonderful guy. (You would be correct). 

 But that doesn't make it any easier. 

 I think on June 7th days, I need to mourn a little. I need to mourn what is not, but what I wish was. I need to mourn the passing of a day that I dreamed of in middle school but that is not here yet.

 And then, I need to go back to being happy for all the things that I do have.

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