Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Today, I'm thankful

 Today, I am thankful.

 A few weeks agogiven out at my church for Mother's Day a few weeks ago. I am not a mother, but I was given a pot of flowers. 

 I have heard of single women left out in their churches, where Mother's Day gifts are handed out and they are ignored because they are not mothers. And though it is true that they are not mothers, they want to be. It is an unnecessary cruelty. A visible shunning from the body of Christ who should love them. 

 But my church is not like that.

 I have been promised marriage from people who are married and really have no category for the fact that it is not a guarantee for everyone. I have been the brunt of a few rude and inconsiderate comments.

 But for the most part my church is not like that.

 I got flowers.

 And I am thankful.

 It is a good reminder that there is more than one way to be a mother. I can financially support a child in another country. I can love on the kids in my church. And most importantly, we can be spiritual parents. 

 So today I am thankful for my flowers.