Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Lesbian and Me

 Life is often funny. At least mine is. But the most helpful article I have read recently as far as my unwanted singleness goes was not about singleness at all, but about a Christian lesbian woman. 

The Lesbian

 I highly recommend reading the article. You can find the link here: I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God's Goal

 Really. Please go read the article before continuing to read my words. 

 But let me clarify in case you don't. The article is from the perspective of a woman who at some point in her life realized she was attracted to women and not men. In college she became a believer and was later convicted of her homosexual lifestyle. 

 Convicted? Yes. 

 It felt right to not act on her homosexual desires? No. 

 She was attracted to women and not men. But God's word told her it was wrong despite what felt right and good to her. She had to learn to obey before she understood why, even though it went against every fiber of her being.

 Every fiber of her being.  


 This is not a confession of an attraction to women. Quite the opposite. It is a confession of my attraction to men when God has not given me marriage.

 It makes no sense to me. I am attracted to men. I want to be married more than anything else. But I remain single. Singleness is the complete opposite of what every part of my body, soul, and mind wants.

 Yet here I am twenty-three years and eight months into my life still single.

 The lesbian Christian woman could not be lesbian because the Bible is clear that homosexuality is wrong. 

 Right now, God has made it painfully obvious that I am single and that is where He wants me.

 As the woman in the article says, my trust in God is being stretched. How much do I trust in Jesus? How much?

 We often have to obey even when we don't understand why.

 I don't understand why. 

 But I am here to say that my Savior knows best.