Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why I Am Waiting


 I have heard so many opinions on the “singles not waiting” topic, including those who have decided they are not waiting in the sense that they are not going to be like Rapunzel quietly waiting for a prince to rescue her. They have a life to live and if God decides to bless them with marriage along the way then fabulous.

 I joined them for a little while. I wasn’t going to waste my singleness simply wishing to not be single. I wasn’t going to think of myself as incomplete because I have been made complete in Christ.

 While I never stopped believing that, there was something wrong, something missing, some reason I couldn’t fully embrace that way of thinking. And it was this: I will never stop waiting.

 I will never stop wishing for a husband, longing for marriage, hoping for a family, wanting one person to love me as long as we lived. And with the wishing, longing, hoping, and wanting comes waiting. Waiting for it to happen. That is the way God made me.

 So I am still waiting. I still hope. I still want. I am always longing.

 Yes, this longing reflects the longing to be reunited with Jesus in Heaven. It is my ultimate longing that will someday be met when I die and look upon my Savior.

 But here on earth I still long for a husband and probably always will.

 So for me the real question is what do I do while I wait, whether that means marriage in Heaven and on earth, or only Heaven?

 1) Trust
   I need to remember that God has a plan for me. Maybe it includes marriage and a family someday, but even if it doesn’t I know I will someday be with Him for all of eternity. Whatever the details of that plan are, I need to trust that He knows what is best as the one who gave me life.

 2) Prepare
  I need to prepare for when I am presented as the bride of Christ—I need to grow in understanding His Word, in sharing my faith, in obedience, humility, love, and joy. I also need to prepare for a possible earthly marriage. Not only will I need become more like Christ, I need to be prepared to maintain a home, cook meals, and take care of children. I need to practice communicating well with others, forgiving, sharing, and sacrificially loving.

 3) Pray
  I pray for a husband, that God will someday give one to me. I pray for patience. I pray that if I am never to marry He will sustain me. Though it is hard, I pray for His will to be done. I pray that ultimately I will be satisfied in Him alone.

5) Follow
    I need to continue glorifying God by doing the tasks he has set for me on earth. Though they change, right now that means school, working, relationships with family and friends, and sharing the gospel.

 While I wait I will not pine away in a tower or remain idle, but I will also not pretend that this isn’t what my heart wants.

 I pray we will be good stewards of this sacred time God has given us and that our longings will make us look to Him.

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