Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Choosing Joy

 I have been putting off writing this post. Between trying to think of a topic to write about (besides a book review on a book I read half a year ago and need to flip through again) and getting distracted with the other windows open on my computer, I realized I don't want to write anything, today. It's not the lazy "I don't feel like writing or thinking right now", but more like, "Oh yeah, I had kind of forgotten that I was single until I realized it was time for another post on my singleness blog." Because confession; part of me hates the fact that this blog exists.

 This blog exists because I am single. I don't want to be single.

 This blog exists because I thought that instead of feeling bitter about my singleness I should share my experiences with others, have a creative outlet for my struggles and experiences, and find the joy in my situation. It would be easier to be bitter.

 This blog exists to connect single Christian girls together so that we can encourage each other. If I'm honest, I'd rather meet single Christian guys. 

 If I'm honest, this blog is often just a reminder that most girls have a sweet, godly, young man that tells them they are beautiful and special and I don't, so I blog about it, hoping to sound at least some what intelligent, experienced, cheerful and joyful about my boy-friendless life. I'm often not. 

 I have been asking God to give me joy. He is teaching me that a big part of joy is choosing to be joyful instead of dwelling on what I feel. 

 I am single, and it stinks. I am going to be single for quite a while, and that stinks even more. I don't think God has called me to pretend to like it. But I know that He has called me to tell Him my struggles, fears, and sorrows, to ask Him to help me get through the day, then to stand up and do something, whether it is going to work, hanging out with a friend, or writing the next blog post. 

 So today I am choosing joy. May He give me the strength to choose joy tomorrow. 

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